Shimeji Dissertation

Welcome to Shimeji Dissertation. We are two Tkmiz fans(?) and we wanted to do a little bookclub about the recently finished Shimeji Simulation.

For questions and stuff, send us an ask on our tumblr, or email us at shimejidissertation[at]


First episode is out!!!!!! waaaaah

Next episode maaaybe the Wednesday of the 31st, but we will see.

Listen here

Also Listen on: Youtube ep 1ep 2ep 3

    Pilot episode! We talk about how both of us maybe need to brush up on philosophy or maybe psychology, and also the first two chapters. We prommy that the next one will be structured or maybe not.



    Episode 2


    Wow we managed two whole episodes.... this time around we end up in a pretty cool discussion of art, which will be a theme haha. Chapters 3 and 4 were a lot of fun! We also get our first question wooooow... NOTE: be aware that the latter half has some static issues, but whatever you can deal. peace and love


    Episode 3


    Episode three! Thanks for the wait, we talked about a whole bunch of things! yayay chapters 5 and 6!!!!!


    Episode 4


    We learned so much in this episode... Hanging out with our friend the gardener... yay!


    Episode 5


    GUEST EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway come talk about Frued and shit with us!


    Episode 5


    We are back... We had a pretty agreeable espisode and our asks this week were so in theme, its crazy. look at us all. in sync. yay.


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    Hardcore gamer and himejoshi novice. I like pokemon and having strong opinions about metroidvanias.

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    Longtime himedanshi and extremely mid gamer. Likes sci-fi and stuff with tanks.

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    Gamer. Mid-level himejoshi. Elden Ring pro. Our first guest. What a legend.

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